Rethinking Education

Found this amazing video about education: how our current education system is structured, how it alienates a whole group of people, and how it badly needs a rethink for the 21st century.

Plus it is a speech with animated cartoons to that visually gets the point across. Well done! 


This RSA Animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA's Benjamin Franklin award. Watch this lecture in full here: The RSA is a 258 year-old charity devoted to driving social progress and spreading world-changing ideas.

UX from Science Fiction

Neato! Check this out: "Make It So" analyzes user interfaces from over a dozen science fiction movies in a modern UX (user experience) perspective.

Whats cool is the author goes in depth analyzing one of my favorite films: "The Fifth Element!" It seems that many of the interfaces for things like the Ultimate Weapon,  cigarette dispenser, and even nail polish applicator are very well designed.

The smashing costumes were also practical and awesome at the same time.

Compare that to "Barbarella," "Prometheus" or even some Star Trek movies, "The Fifth Element" still knock them out of the park when it comes to the practicality of using space suits and fancy weapons.

Whither the Tricksters?


An interesting commentary about the new Cacophony book and how Burning Man sucked all the weird energy out of San Francisco:

As a former member of the Cacophony Society, I too find it strange that there are not that many pranks happening anymore in San Francisco. It seems that Burning Man, created by the Cacophonist has grown so large as to be the primary focus for would be artistic prankster. 

Co-author John Law says he wrote the book as a guide for future pranksters and explorers. Hopefully a new generation will emerge and wreak more wackiness upon the mundanes. 

Get the book now: 

WWDC 2013

Apple reminds the world that it still does amazing things.  Even with the tragic loss of visionary leader Steve Jobs, CEO Tim Cook shows that Apple is more than one guy.

Mac OS 9, iOS 7, a sexy new Mac Pro. That is just the beginning.  Did anyone pay attention to the intro video?  Apple is about experiences, how does something feel, not how many widgets can be cranked out of a factory.