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Somewhere along the way I discovered teaching.  I like helping people, and it seems I have a huge amount of patience.  Plus a constant quest for knowledge.  And public speaking experience.  All good things.   

For the last nine years I have worked for Apple Retail. You know, those fancy stores that sell those fancy fruit-branded devices that people can't get enough of. Besides the sales floor, there is the famous Genius Bar, where you get to talk to an actual human being and sort out your technology woes (please be nice to them). 

Then there are the other services of the store. Including the One to One program. This is the ridiculously low cost ($99/year) training program where you get individualized education on that fancy Apple device. Well worth the effort if you are new to, or afraid of, or clueless about, the new Apple technologies. Creatives Trainers will sit with you, and gently guide you through the forest of geekery until you find a nice clearing. There you can finally be productive with your tools.  When you are ready, you can take more classes and eventually you can reach the mountain top of Macintosh mastery. Or at least get pretty good with it.

I'm a bit of a celebrity. Seems the video where I talk about the One to One program is still running on the website. It's funny when employees from other stores come here and recognize me. Nifty. 



Sam-Apple Store-Video copy.png
Dr. Professor Samuel Tweed meets the iPad.

Dr. Professor Samuel Tweed meets the iPad.