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My world is a blend of art and technology. When I am not capturing stunning images at the Burning Man art festival, or capturing moments in the gear-laden worlds of Steampunk and robotics, I document the evolution of the private space industry.

Since 2001, I shot events at RoboGames, an olympic-class gathering of hobby roboticists. Since 2008 I captured amazing people and contraptions at Steampunk conventions. When I joined the crew of the legendary Neverwas Haul, I captured their adventures inside and outside the Burning Man festival.

In 2009 I was privileged to witness the rollout of Virgin Galactic’s Space Ship Two, the world’s first commercial space ship. In 2004 I photographed the flight of Space Ship One, the winner of the $10 million international Ansari X PRIZE competition. My photographs have been used by CBS, California Space Authority, Space Frontier Foundation, Yuri's Night, X PRIZE Foundation, National Space Society, RoboGames, and WIRED.

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