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What can I say? Burning Man changed my life.

The San Francisco Bay Area cultivates eccentricity. I found many kindred spirits at Renaissance Faires, the Dickens Faire, the infamous Cacophony Society, Survival Research Labs, and other costume heavy, reality distorting events.

Burning Man is the culmination of all this wackiness. Stunning art, amazing costumes, virtual  realities come to life. Adults allowed to play. Ridiculously complicated machines that exist for the sole purpose of fun.

Each person has their own Burn. You find what you want to find. You also need to leave your emotional baggage home. If not, that baggage will explode onto the playa. Please clean up your mess. 

The key to the success of Burning Man is participation. There are no tourists. Or at least, there shouldn't be. Over 100 degrees during the day. Less than 40 degrees at night. Wind coming from the south, southwest. Dust. Lots of Dust.  It enters your skin, your eyes, your soul. The Black Rock Desert is a nasty hell hole that no human should ever be in. Yet, 50,000 people do. Read the Survival Guide. Twice. Pack for extreme camping. 

Bring art. Bring stuff to make art. I do not care if you are not an artist. Volunteer. Help others set up their camp. Give hugs. Be nice to people. Get to know your neighbors at Black Rock City.

Remember, this Utopia only lasts one week. Some folks are trying to bring it to their default world. Good luck.

Most of the time, you will see me out there serving tea in the desert. If you are really nice, maybe a gin and tonic. Next to a three story Victorian House. On wheels.

2002 Temple of Joy by David Best. My first burn!

Dust protection.

2011 Just another night on the playa.